The Academy of Music and Fine Arts specializes in Voice Lessons and vocal technique training for singers of all levels and all ages. We offer singing lessons for Pop, Rock, R&B, Musical Theatre, Jazz, and Classical singers. Our students include beginners and aspiring artists, as well as professionals who want to perfect their skills.

Vocal lessons at the Academy of Music and Fine Arts are  tailor-made to each individual singer and their needs and goals. Voice Lessons help vocalists to increase vocal range, build vocal strength, blend smoothly between head voice and chest voice, achieve mixed voice and belt coordinations, master multiple musical and vocal styles, sing high notes with ease, gain confidence for live performance, and eventually achieve technical and artistic mastery.

Along with their private piano lesson, all students attending the Academy of Music and Fine Arts are invited to part take in our choir and music theory classes, free of charge.

To learn more about Violin Lessons at the Academy of Music and Fine Arts, please call us at (818) 760-3185 or contact us for more information, or visit our pricing page.