April 2, 2016 marked the opening of the Fun series of unrated chess tournaments at AMFA. Led and organized by Angeleno Chess Club and our AMFA Chess Coach International Master and CA State Champion Levon Altounian, we were able to fit in not 4 but 5 rounds for all players and still end early! The tournament had players from every level and age groups divided into 2 sections and 4 subsections: we had a grandfather joining 5 year old brand new players on the battlefield.In short, it was a great experience for all the participants in terms of learning how the competitive chess works, doing their best to win games and trophies, while having fun. We plan to hold this event every few months so check our website often for updates.20160402_100510 20160402_100514 20160402_100425 20160402_122504 20160402_122406 20160402_100549 20160402_112936 20160402_103818 20160402_122513 FB_IMG_1461052140176 20160402_100510 20160402_100535