AMFA Fall Concert and Art Exhibition 2022

AMFA Fall Concert and Art Exhibition 2022


AMFA Fall Concert & Art Exhibition 2022

Thanks to all who joined us at this wonderful event held on October 22, 2022 in Burbank.   

Congratulations to all our music graduates and art exhibition  participants!


Violin Lessons


Violin Lessons

The violin is one of the most widely recognized musical instruments among children and adults of all ages. It’s a beautiful instrument, both to look at and to listen to. If you’re thinking about taking violin lessons, be prepared to find benefits in several surprising ways! The benefits of playing violin go far beyond just gaining the ability to play beautiful music on a new instrument.

violin lessons for young children and beginners

Our instructors are experts at teaching beginning violin students. Students begin by learning simple melodies and single string technique. Students then progress to note reading and more advanced techniques such as vibrato and shifting. Our violin instructors are comfortable with the most popular beginner violin methods.

We can teach students as young as age 5.  Our instructors will focus on materials that are appropriate for young, small hands and bodies such as easy melodies, etudes, and songs that the student wants to learn.

violin lessons adults

We are happy to teach adults who are beginners as well as those who have prior experience.  We will tailor our lesson program to meet your needs.  We can teach you to read music notation,  and learn just about any style you would like.

Individual Violin Lessons

Weekly 45-minute individual lessons.

Classical violin

Learn to read music notation and the proper techniques for playing in the classical style.

Rock and Pop Violin

Not a classical violinist? We can teach you all the Rock and Pop songs you are interested in learning.

Blues and Jazz violin

You’ll learn how to play the pentatonic scale and solo over the most common blues progressions. You’ll also learn how to improvise and accompany others.

Folk Violin

We can teach you fiddle tunes, bluegrass, as well as Spanish and mariachi folk violin styles.

In-person violin lessons available at the Academy in limited capacity. Online violin lessons available at full capacity.

Years of teaching violin Lessons



concerts and recitals

I am so pleased with AMFA!  I cannot even begin to express what an excellent academy this is. My son has been going there for violin since he was 6 yrs old and is well known as one of the best violinists in all of Los Angeles. He has taken first place in numerous competitions. This is the best school for the arts. Everyone from the director to all the instructors are amazing and care so much for their students and always give their best to bring out the full potential in each child. This is the best school, I would recommend the AMFA to any parent.

—Elle E. | North Hollywood, CA