Online and In-Person Classes Available at the AMFA

Online and In-Person Classes Available at the AMFA


In-Person and Online Classes Offered at the AMFA

In-person classes

As we navigate through this challenging time as responsibly as we can, we at the Academy of Music and Fine Arts have taken enhanced measures to protect the health and safety of our team, students and guests based on guidance from the CDC and other government agencies. The standards below are currently in effect and must be observed by all visitors to ensure a responsible and enjoyable environment for everyone. 



Instructors with a fever or cold and flu-like symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, runny nose, or body aches are required to stay at home. Students with a fever or cold and flu-like symptoms will not be admitted.


Masks are required for instructors and students choosing to partake in in-person classes.


Social distancing reminders, including the use of distancing markers and extra spaces between seating, are posted throughout the Academy.


Common areas, particularly busy locations such as restrooms, desks, instruments and  waiting areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected.


Signage reminding students and instructors of safety precautions recommended by the CDC is posted throughout the Academy.


Learn more about our virtual/online classes

ALL AMFA classes are available virtually through Skype, Facetime, Zoom and Instagram.

The AMFA Has Gone Virtual!

The AMFA Has Gone Virtual!


The AMFA Has Gone Virtual!

In an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus in our community, the Academy of Music and Fine Arts will offer virtual classes to all of its students. All class times and schedules will remain the same, with teachers and students connecting via Skype, FaceTime, Instagram or any other virtual platform of choice to conduct their normal lessons. Please contact us via email or at (747) 244-2300 to make arrangements or with any questions that you may have. We hope to see you all in person soon! 

(747) 244-2300

Please note that this is a temporary measure.
We will resume our regular in-person classes as soon as possible.

AMFA Holiday Concert & Art Exhibition

AMFA Holiday Concert & Art Exhibition


AMFA Autumn Concert & Art Exhibition

The AMFA Holiday Concert and Art Exhibition featured performances and works by AMFA art and music students. Congratulations to all who participated!


first christian church of burbank

221 South 6th St. Burbank, CA 91501
Saturday, December 21, 2019 3:30 PM


AMFA Fall Concert and Art Exhibition

AMFA Fall Concert and Art Exhibition


AMFA Autumn Concert & Art Exhibition

Our Autumn Concert and Art Exhibition will feature performances and works by AMFA art and music students graduating to their next artistic or musical level.  

Saturday, October 5, 2019
3:30 PM


first christian church of burbank

221 South 6th St.
Burbank, CA 91501

Ad space availe in the event program. Contact our office for more information.

Language Lessons

Language Lessons


Language Lessons

Language classes at the Academy of Music and fine arts are a lively mix of immersive studies in conversation, reading and writing. We work only with fully trained and professional instructors with at least 3 years of practical teaching experience. Please contact our office at (818) 760-3185 for more information about signing up for language lessons. 

Individual or Group Language Lessons

Based on the student’s needs and schedule..






Armenian language lessons at the AMFA are a lively mix of immersive studies in reading and writing in Armenian paired with skit and poetry recitals.



Tutoring Sessions

Students and parents both want academic success – high grades and the pride that comes with achievement. The tutors at the Academy of Music and Fine Arts believe any student, regardless of ability, can become a high achiever. Our tutors know from years of experience that students underperform because they have not learned the right approach or pathway to success.

Our tutors help students become stronger independent learners by developing a customized approach to organization, cognition and retention. Students can spend hours working very hard but working inefficiently to the point their effort fails to translate into results. Our tutors create personalized organizational plans so that students learn how to maximize time, work efficiently and retain key information not just for the short term but for the long term.

Success requires more than good organization; students must understand often complicated subject matter. Our tutoring approach helps students master concepts in all core areas by providing instruction tailored to their individual learning styles. Subjects covered include English, U.S. and World History, American and Comparative Government, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and mathematics through Calculus. Our tutors work with students in remedial work as well as AP track courses. 

Individual tutoring

Personalized individual sessions in a wide range of subjects. No long term commitments — book an individual session or a series.


For all ages and grade levels


For all ages and grade levels


For all ages and grade levels

test preparation

For all ages and grade levels

AMFA offers individual tutoring sessions for all subjects and grade levels. 

“We reach out to the tutors at AMFA whenever my daughters need a boost with their homework. It’s very convenient to have tutoring in the same building where they take their art classes, we book a session as needed before or after their class.

—marina S. | valley village, CA

Drum Lessons


Drum Lessons

The Academy of Music and Fine Arts invites you to discover and explore the rhythms and traditions of world cultures in a supportive learning environment that engages you in self-discovery and learning through experience. Our drum instructors take care to impart the language, lifestyle, and learning modes associated with their instrument and repertoire. Learn the fundmentals of drumming through:

reading music

Knowing how to read traditional music notation greatly increases your understanding of how rhythm works whether you are reading sheet music or playing by ear.

proper technique

Proper technique is extremely important as it not only enables you to play the music more easily or without struggling, but it also helps prevent repetitive motion injuries such as tendonitis or carpel tunnel syndrome.

hand/foor corrdination

Independence of all 4 limbs is an essential skill for drum set players to be able to play their parts smoothly and effectively, especially if the music has more complex rhythms. You will learn many effective warm up and exercise routines to develop these skills. 

keeping a steady rythm

Mastering the ability to play rhythms and transitions in music without speeding up or slowing down is one of the most important jobs that a drummer has. 

learning to play by ear

Learning a drum part by ear is just as important as reading music notation. By learning all the other drumming fundamentals, you will develop the skills necessary to hear a piece of music, pick out the drum parts and learn them without reading music. This includes creating your own drum parts for original music as well. 

Individual drum Lessons

Weekly 45-minute individual lessons.

Discover and explore rythms from around the world with drum lessons at the AMFA.

My son has been attending the Academy since last April and I have to say the teachers are very knowledgeable and the staff is amazing, always there to help you and explain everything on point. My son loves his drum lessons with Angelo and looks forward to them all week. I would definitely recommend this school, it’s our second family.

—Amanda A. | Glendale, CA

Lian E.

I am so thankful to have found AMFA years ago. It’s an exceptional school that offers variety of classes (i.e. music, art, chess, language…). Music instructors are highly educated, kind and encouraging. My kids LOVE attending the school. I highly recommend AMFA to anyone who is interested. We plan on being part of this great establishment for many years to come. Thank you for creating such a special place for our kids to enjoy.

Drawing Classes for Adults

Drawing Classes for Adults

Drawing classes for adults at the Academy of Music and Fine Arts are comprised of lively discussion sessions and studio time to complete drawing and painting projects. Classes emphasize drawing as a way to learn about composition, color, technique and personal expression.

Saxophone and Recorder Lessons


Saxophone & Recorder Lessons


Taking Saxophone Lessons has been scientifically proven to reward the player with stress relief, improved lung function and a sharper mind. Therapists now incorporate music therapy in the treatment of memory loss in older adults, and for mood stabilization with individuals struggling with depression.

While the many keys of a saxophone may intimidate an individual, the instrument is actually designed to allow a player to change notes almost effortlessly compared to other instruments. The construction of a saxophone is made for easy playing, and it is often one of the easier instruments to learn despite its complex design.

Recoder (Shvi)

It’s difficult for a child to pick up an instrument and make music. To produce a basic sound on most wind instruments, for example, children have to learn the correct embouchure (the shape of the mouth’s muscles) and rudimentary technique. But it’s easy to play a recorder because all that’s needed is your own ability to breathe.

Te recorder was the perfect instrument to hand to children, which is somewhat ironic considering the instrument’s history. It was a fundamental to renaissance and baroque ensembles, and eventually became a favorite instrument of the Italian, English and Armenian aristocracy. 

wind instrument lesson topics

  • Techniques: fingering, sound, embouchure, and posture.
  • How to read and write melodies and harmonies
  • Improvise in New Orleans, BeBop, and Modal jazz styles.
  • Develop a strong sense of rhythm
  • Learn songs according to your interest
  • Additional musical styles: classical, pop, and more
Individual Saxophone Lessons

Weekly 45 minute individual lesson

Individual recorder Lessons

Weekly 45 minute individual lesson