Piano Lessons


Piano Lessons

The Academy of Music and Fine Arts employs a method for teaching piano that is different from music lessons given at other schools.  Similar to the methods used in Europe where the traditions of classical music were established, piano lessons at the Academy are rooted in tradition and established on a solid foundation of proven methods.

Our patient and considerate instructors truly honor the unique characteristics of each student, formulating individual lesson plans tailored to each student’s personal style, skill level and aptitude.

We offer a broad selection of musical styles including classical, pop, jazz, blues. R&B, folk and country. As necessary, the technical performance of each musical composition can be specially simplified giving a beginning student the ability to perform any classical piece or modern song that he or she wishes.

Individual Piano Lessons

Weekly 45-minute individual lessons.

In-person lessons available at the Academy at limited capacity. ALL AMFA classes available online at full capacity.

Years of teaching Piano Lessons



concerts and recitals

“This is a true academy, where children learn classical music and treasure it for a lifetime. Mrs. Laura Sokhikian not only knows how to connect children to the world of music, she is well-versed in keeping them motivated. Furthermore, her professionalism and passion in music is unparalleled. My children’s progress in learning music has become their passion. If your child has an interest in music, this is the school you should consider.

—Diana S. | Burbank, CA



Did you know?

Chess is the world’s most popular game and is quickly expanding into every aspect of our everyday life. Many schools in the U.S. and across the globe have chess clubs and several countries have integrated chess into their curriculum. Although there are dozens of reasons to play chess, some of the most important are learning to solve problems, abstract reasoning, remaining calm under pressure, patience, sportsmanship, pattern recognition, strategic and creative thinking. In this hyper-competitive world, learning and mastering these skills puts chess players at a definite advantage.

The Academy of Music and Fine Arts is proud to offer the following:

Group Lessons
Fun, interactive sessions designed for chess players of various ages and skill levels

Private Lessons
Focused, one-one one learning experiences with International Master Levon Altounian or other  professional chess coaches.

Online Lessons
Interactive online chess lessons available for individuals as well as groups.

Chess in Schools
Work with us to set up a chess program at your school or organization.

Chess Camps
Summer, winter, full day and mini chess camps.

Chess Tournaments
Unrated tournaments open to all ages and skill levels.

Lian E.

I am so thankful to have found AMFA years ago. It’s an exceptional school that offers variety of classes (i.e. music, art, chess, language…). Music instructors are highly educated, kind and encouraging. My kids LOVE attending the school. I highly recommend AMFA to anyone who is interested. We plan on being part of this great establishment for many years to come. Thank you for creating such a special place for our kids to enjoy.

Drawing Classes for Adults

Drawing Classes for Adults

Drawing classes for adults at the Academy of Music and Fine Arts are comprised of lively discussion sessions and studio time to complete drawing and painting projects. Classes emphasize drawing as a way to learn about composition, color, technique and personal expression.

Saxophone and Recorder Lessons


Saxophone & Recorder Lessons


Taking Saxophone Lessons has been scientifically proven to reward the player with stress relief, improved lung function and a sharper mind. Therapists now incorporate music therapy in the treatment of memory loss in older adults, and for mood stabilization with individuals struggling with depression.

While the many keys of a saxophone may intimidate an individual, the instrument is actually designed to allow a player to change notes almost effortlessly compared to other instruments. The construction of a saxophone is made for easy playing, and it is often one of the easier instruments to learn despite its complex design.

Recoder (Shvi)

It’s difficult for a child to pick up an instrument and make music. To produce a basic sound on most wind instruments, for example, children have to learn the correct embouchure (the shape of the mouth’s muscles) and rudimentary technique. But it’s easy to play a recorder because all that’s needed is your own ability to breathe.

Te recorder was the perfect instrument to hand to children, which is somewhat ironic considering the instrument’s history. It was a fundamental to renaissance and baroque ensembles, and eventually became a favorite instrument of the Italian, English and Armenian aristocracy. 

wind instrument lesson topics

  • Techniques: fingering, sound, embouchure, and posture.
  • How to read and write melodies and harmonies
  • Improvise in New Orleans, BeBop, and Modal jazz styles.
  • Develop a strong sense of rhythm
  • Learn songs according to your interest
  • Additional musical styles: classical, pop, and more
Individual Saxophone Lessons

Weekly 45 minute individual lesson

Individual recorder Lessons

Weekly 45 minute individual lesson

Chess tournament: May 5th

Chess tournament: May 5th

join us for the 3rd event of the season.It will be hosted at the Academy and organized by the Angeleno Chess club headed by International Master and Coach Levon Altounian. Players get a chance to practice their favourite openings and compete with players of all ages and levels in a relaxed, fun environment. Each section will have their own prizes and trophies.

Click the link to download the PDF:angeleno unrated tournament_may 5th, 2018



Holiday Concert and Art Exhibition

Holiday Concert and Art Exhibition

Join us for AMFA’s annual Holiday Concert & Art Exhibition on Sunday, December 17, 2017. The event will be held at 2:00 PM, at the Congregational Church of the Chimes of Sherman Oaks. Tickets can be purchased at our school office, or by contacting us. See you there!

Congregational Church of the Chimes
14115 W Magnolia Blvd,
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Angeleno Chess Club Tournaments

Angeleno Chess Club Tournaments

2017 AMFA Chess Season: Angeleno Club Open: January 21 and June 3, 2017.

In 2017 we continued what we started in 2016: On-site chess tournaments that are open to all, full of freebies, prizes, medals and trophies, coupled with a low entry fee system. Chess tournaments are an essential part of any serious chess player’s growth and fun and more relaxed events take the pressure off for students of all ages and levels. AMFA students and Angeleno Chess Club members had special perks available too that could be applied towards their clubs or private lessons. Both tournaments had 3 Main Sections and 3 Subsections based on players ratings and how many participants each Section held. Both events showcased dozen of players of all age groups and rating groups but the youth in the 600-1200 USCF rating group dominated.  Some players even had time for a game review or a bughouse match. Stay tuned for the next event and we welcome everyone who would like to come check out or join our chess classes.Thank you all who participated.

Coach Levon Altounian
International Master / CA State Champion

“Practice Chess” Series #3

“Practice Chess” Series #3

AMFA Summer Camps

AMFA Summer Camps

Art  Music   Chess   Languages

9 AM – 1 PM
Ages 6+

June 12-15
July 17-20
August 7-10

$175 PER Session

Please contact our office at (818) 760-3185  for more information or to sign up !

download flyer here