Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

The Academy of Music and Fine Arts employs a method for teaching piano that is different from music lessons given at other schools.  Similar to the methods used in Europe where the traditions of classical music were established, piano lessons at the Academy are rooted in tradition and established on a solid foundation of proven methods.

Our patient and considerate instructors truly honor the unique characteristics of each student, formulating individual lesson plans tailored to each student’s personal style, skill level and aptitude.

We offer a broad selection of musical styles including classical, pop, jazz, blues. R&B, folk and country. As necessary, the technical performance of each musical composition can be specially simplified giving a beginning student the ability to perform any classical piece or modern song that he or she wishes.

Along with their private piano lesson, all students attending the Academy of Music and Fine Arts are invited to part take in our choir and music theory classes, free of charge.


  1. Hello,

    I am interested in piano lessons for my 10yr old daughter. She started playing violin at school last year but has shown interest in the piano. My main question is regarding your pricing…

    “Cost of tuition covers 1 weekly 45-minute private lesson, 1 weekly group Music Theory Lesson, and one weekly group Choir lesson.”

    To confirm the statement about, she would get 4 private piano lessons in a month time frame in addition to the Music Theory and Choir lessons, correct? Are these lessons all held on different days? Do you have weekend classes?

    Thank you for your time.

    Best regards.

    • AMFA

      Thank you for getting in touch! Yes, you are absolutely right on all accounts. Your daughter would get 4 private piano lessons a month, plus 4 choir lessons, plus 4 music theory lessons per month. Private lessons are offered every week day plus Saturday (we’re closed on Sundays), and Choir and Music Theory are offered several times a week. We’ll be happy to schedule all of her classes to work with your busy schedule. Please give us a call at (818) 760-3185 if we can answer any additional questions, or come by for a tour of our space!

      Thanks again for reaching out, we hope to meet you and your daughter soon!


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