16th Annual Western Alliance Online Summer Chess Camp Recap

16th Annual Western Alliance Online Summer Chess Camp Recap


16th Annual Western Alliance Online Summer Chess Camp Recap

And so the 16th Annual Western Alliance Summer Chess Camp came to a close. For the first time ever, this popular chess camp was conducted entirely online via Zoom, Skype, ICC and TOTK. The camp was a smashing success, drawing dozens of participants of all rages, some of whom are rates as high as 2000 USCF. We had 7 helpers and coaches for 4 different groups. The schedule consisted of 2 lessons per day, a tournament and fun activities.

Questions: For all questions relating to the camp, please contact International Master Levon Altounian at 520-891-3632 or at LALTOUNIAN@MSN.COM


10 AM – 2 PM Daily.  Each day will consist of two lessons covering different subjects and game analysis, along with fun activities and a tournament. 

“Master Training” Series #9 Chess Tournament

“Master Training” Series #9 Chess Tournament

chess tournament

Recap: Master Training Series #9 Chess Tournament

Thanks to all who participated in this wonderful tournament. It was a pleasure hosting you. Congratulations to all the winners of the individual sections and all who got certificates and trophies. See you at our next event!

9:00 AM



Angeleno Chess Club: 2nd place in LA!

Angeleno Chess Club: 2nd place in LA!


AMFA Chess Club  Takes 2nd Place in L.A


It was a great day for the AMFA and the Angeleno Chess Club! On February 10th at the LA SuperCities competition, our students won 6 Individual Trophies, 3 Team Trophies and 2 students got a full scholarship to the State Championship by winning their sections. Congratulations to all who participated.  Big thanks to assistant coaches Brian and Movses for all their selfless work!

Levon Altounian
Head Coach

individual trophies

team trophies


Chess Lessons

Chess Lessons


Chess Lessons

Chess is one of the most popular and complex games played in the U.S.. Millions of games are played each day across every platform—from casual games in parks and coffee shops to professional competitions and online tournaments.

The Academy of Music and Fine Arts Chess Club helps students of all ages and levels accomplish their dreams of becoming better chess players and delving deeper into the wonderful world of chess by providing group and individual lessons, organizing competitions, setting up after school chess clubs and even writing chess apps for Mac and Android platforms. Founded in 2016 by International Master Levon Altounian, the mission of the AMFA Chess Club is to provide chess education of the highest caliber in the greater Los Angeles area. It shares many qualities and core beliefs with its sibling— Arizona Chess for Schools, one of the largest chess organizations in Arizona. 

To accomplish our goal of chess excellence at the AMFA Chess Club, we create individually tailored lesson plans and hire only professional chess players and instructors who have great people skills and are devoted to their mission as chess ambassadors. 

Our students have won more than 100 State and National Championships with more than 20 students earning the prestigious title of “Chess Master”. Castlehill Country Day School was the National Champion in 2004 and Foothills High School won the National Championship 8 times between years of 2005 and 2018.

Group Chess Lesons

Weekly 1-hour group lessons offered several times a week.


Employees are the heart of a company. Whether your team is made up of two people or twenty, the benefits of happy employees are invaluable. 

Team building allows you to establish a deeper level of communication with your employees. It is crucial to provide an environment where everyone feels comfortable. Treat your team to a chess simul, strategy session or free play for a truly fun and memorable exoperience. Contact us at (520) 891-3632 for more information about our offerings.

private chess lessons

Focused, one-one one learning experiences with International Master Levon Altounian or other professional chess coaches.

chess in schools

Work with us to set up a chess program at your school or organization.

International master Levon Altounian

The AMFA Chess Club is headed by International Master Levon Altounian. Altounian is a 7-time California State Champion and the reigning Arizona State Champion for the past 12 consecutive years. He is among the top 50 highest ranked chess players in the U.S. and is extremely passionate about his profession. Altounian has worked with thousands of chess students all across the country and organized and taught chess clubs in more than 50 schools.

Chess Club Schedule


6:30 pm – 7:30 pm



5:00 pm  – 6:00 pm


5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm


4:15 pm  – 5:15 pm

It is very difficult to find a great chess player and a great coach in one person. Coach Levon has both. Coach Levon has a personal approach and great sense of humor which appeals to my son, and makes it more fun to learn chess. Coach Levon easily explains concepts in chess the way my 11 years old understands and in just a few months my son’s rating jumped from low 1,000 to 1,500. But the most important thing is that my son got interested in chess more than before we met coach Levon

—Alex G. | Santa Monica, CA

Recap: April 2 AMFA Chess Tournament

Recap: April 2 AMFA Chess Tournament

April 2, 2016 marked the opening of the Fun series of unrated chess tournaments at AMFA. Led and organized by Angeleno Chess Club and our AMFA Chess Coach International Master and CA State Champion Levon Altounian, we were able to fit in not 4 but 5 rounds for all players and still end early! The tournament had players from every level and age groups divided into 2 sections and 4 subsections: we had a grandfather joining 5 year old brand new players on the battlefield.In short, it was a great experience for all the participants in terms of learning how the competitive chess works, doing their best to win games and trophies, while having fun. We plan to hold this event every few months so check our website often for updates.20160402_100510 20160402_100514 20160402_100425 20160402_122504 20160402_122406 20160402_100549 20160402_112936 20160402_103818 20160402_122513 FB_IMG_1461052140176 20160402_100510 20160402_100535